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Issue restart

Over the years, SCM-Manager received a lot of attention and a lot of people had questions. Some of them led to issues on BitBucket, which were migrated to GitHub not long ago. With the release of SCM-Manager 2 getting closer, we would like to get rid of old issues, because we would like to focus […]

Cloudogu support team

Some time ago a vigorous involvement with SCM-Manager was announced in the Cloudogu blog. In the first step, Cloudogu joined the development of SCM-Manager 2. Now, as the second step, Cloudogu assigned a team to actively help with the support for SCM-Manager. The team will do what a support team does: answer your questions, evaluate […]

SCM-Manager Universe Expands

The first update for SCM-Manager Universe is available now. It has its focus on improving code quality by integrating the widely known code quality management tool “SonarQube” and the scm-checkstyle-plugin into the appliance. Now the programmer automatically gets the build results in Jenkins and the code analysis results in SonarQube after he pushed changes to […]

SCM-Manager gets its own universe

The virtual appliance SCM-Manager Universe, developed by my partner TRIOLOGY, is a Linux based virtual machine, which comes with a bundle of ready to use open source software components. It has a comprehensive documentation, including tutorials, a sample project and tool descriptions. All of the software development tools authenticate against a central LDAP server with […]

New support option for business-clients

You need professional support with reliable response times via phone and email? My partner TRIOLOGY offers two different support packages for business-clients – regular and advanced. This will have no effect on community support! The experts of TRIOLOGY will assist you through installation and in all issues, which might occur when operating SCM-Manager. TRIOLOGY ensures […]