New support option for business-clients

You need professional support with reliable response times via phone and email? My partner TRIOLOGY offers two different support packages for business-clients – regular and advanced. This will have no effect on community support!

The experts of TRIOLOGY will assist you through installation and in all issues, which might occur when operating SCM-Manager. TRIOLOGY ensures the continuous advancement of SCM-Manager and its plugins.

So business-clients have all benefits from both worlds: free open-source software with professional support. Use the support packages of TRIOLOGY to ensure business continuity and improve the efficiency of your development process – in other words: “Open Source. More Business.”.

If you are interested in professional support or need more information about the service of TRIOLOGY read more here.

One Response to New support option for business-clients

  1. Dear Sebastian,
    hello SCM-Manager community,

    first we’d like to thank Sebastian for his confidence in us to support his amazing project. He is doing a great job in creating such a powerful an innovative piece of software. It is our goal to support this project by contributing code to the community and provide commercial support for business clients. At the moment we are working on a Bugzilla-Plugin for SCM-Manager and a completely pre-configured SCM-Manager-Appliance with advanced functionalities. Of course, all of our plugins for the SCM-Manager will be distributed as Open Source Software. The Appliance will be available soon and completely free of charge for Open Source projects, private or academic use.

    If you are at Jax 2013 in Mainz next week (, visit our booth and see the current beta of our appliance. We are very curious about your feedback. Sebastian himself will be there on thursday.

    Again, we are excited to have the opportunity being a part of the SCM-Manager community.

    Yours sincerely

    Thomas Grosser
    SCM-Manager supported by TRIOLOGY

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