SCM-Manager 2 development

Over the last couple of years it became clear that SCM-Manager 1 does not have the capabilities to fulfill the requirements of a modern SourceCodeManagement Tool. Great feature requests had to be rejected, because they simply could not be implemented with SCM-Manager 1. That is why the development of SCM-Manager 2 started. Now, thanks to the tremendous effort of Cloudogu, it is almost done and ready to use. This is what it looks like.

SCM-Manager 2 screenshot

Major changes at a glance

The big differences between SCM-Manager 1 and 2 are the technologies: the frontend of SCM-Manager 2 is based on React and Redux. The backend uses HATEOAS to provide a level 3 REST API.

Based on the new architecture and on acquired experiences from SCM-Manager 1, the new version will have numerous new features and some changes that make SCM-Manager 2 more convenient and secure. The changes and new features will be introduced in additional posts here. So stay tuned!

Missing features

Even though the development of SCM-Manager 2 is almost complete, there are still some features missing. That is for example the plugin center and a migration path from SCM-Manager 1 to 2.

If you canโ€™t wait for the official release, you can get the latest build of SCM-Manager 2 here or the latest Docker image here.

From now on, we will share details about the new features of SCM-Manager 2 here.

4 Responses to SCM-Manager 2 development

  1. Hi,

    would like to test using the Docker container, but unfortunately there’s no documentation on how to use it (what volumes need to mounted into it, ports to map, etc…).

  2. Malcolm Scott says:


    I’m interested in trying out SCM-Manager 2 (I realise that it’s not finished yet, but I am planning a new instance for personal use and thought I may as well start with the new code — I don’t care if I break it ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

    As far as I can tell, version 2 does not yet support anonymous repository access; is that right or am I missing something?

    Are there any plans for this?



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