New home for scm-manager packages

Before launching our 2.0.0 release we decided to optimize and modernize our infrastructure. One of the first notable changes is the new Nexus 3 instance replacing our old Nexus 2 instance on With this migration most paths have been changed. But fortunately we were able to create redirects for most cases. Only users of the debian package will get errors because a redirect was not possible.

Our recommendation for all users is to update all configurations the new repositories.



    <name>scm-manager public repository</name>


Yum/RPM (for SCM-Manager v1 only):

name=SCM-Manager Releases

Apt/DEB (for SCM-Manager v1 only):

deb stable main

For more detailed instructions have a look at the SCM-Manager documentation.

If you have any questions or issues with the new repositories feel free to ask us on the mailing list.