Migration to GitHub

Because of the soon ending support for Mercurial repositories on Bitbucket (link) we decided to move all SCM-Manager repositories to GitHub.

Since there won’t be a major repository hosting platform left that supports Mercurial, it was inevitable for us to migrate the SCM-Manager repository from Mercurial to Git. Of course, we could have stayed on Bitbucket with git repositories, but some GitHub features like vulnerability scanning made it easy for us to move away from Bitbucket.

We have already started to migrate the repositories for plugins and the SCM-Manager repository will follow soon. On GitHub you can find all repositories here: https://github.com/scm-manager.


2 Responses to Migration to GitHub

  1. Cyber Killer says:

    “Since there won’t be a major repository hosting platform left that supports Mercurial” – that’s sad, I’m personally looking around for a project hosting site, but apart from Sourceforge, there doesn’t seem to be anything left with other scm support than git :-/.

  2. Diab Jerius says:

    https://sourcehut.org/ offers mercurial hosting (it’s not well advertised on their landing page). The software is still in public alpha.

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