SCM-Manager 2 development

Over the last couple of years it became clear that SCM-Manager 1 does not have the capabilities to fulfill the requirements of a modern SourceCodeManagement Tool. Great feature requests had to be rejected, because they simply could not be implemented with SCM-Manager 1. That is why the development of SCM-Manager 2 started. Now, thanks to the tremendous effort of Cloudogu, it is almost done and ready to use. This is what it looks like.

SCM-Manager 2 screenshot

Major changes at a glance

The big differences between SCM-Manager 1 and 2 are the technologies: the frontend of SCM-Manager 2 is based on React and Redux. The backend uses HATEOAS to provide a level 3 REST API.

Based on the new architecture and on acquired experiences from SCM-Manager 1, the new version will have numerous new features and some changes that make SCM-Manager 2 more convenient and secure. The changes and new features will be introduced in additional posts here. So stay tuned!

Missing features

Even though the development of SCM-Manager 2 is almost complete, there are still some features missing. That is for example the plugin center and a migration path from SCM-Manager 1 to 2.

If you can’t wait for the official release, you can get the latest build of SCM-Manager 2 here or the latest Docker image here.

From now on, we will share details about the new features of SCM-Manager 2 here.

SCM-Manager 2 gets a boost by Cloudogu GmbH

In 2010 I started the development of SCM-Manager.  Since 2013 I have a strong partner: Cloudogu GmbH. In the past they contributed to the project by helping with support cases and the development of several plug-ins like Groupmanager, CAS, scm-htpasswd and Checkstyle.

Because of many feature requests that cannot be realized with SCM-Manager 1, I decided to start the ambitious “SCM-Manager 2” project. Unfortunately, over time I realized that it is too much work to provide support for SCM-Manager 1 and to develop SCM-Manager 2 at the same time. Now, after four years of collaboration, Cloudogu and I decided that it was time to concentrate more power on the development of SCM-Manager 2, because we want it to play an important role in Cloudogu EcoSystem.

Thanks to this collaboration, the development of SCM-Manager 2 will speed up. Moreover we will be able to ensure a permanent development of SCM-Manager and the community support as you know it.

I would also like to thank you, the community, because SCM-Manager would not be the same without you. Thanks to all your feature requests, bug reports and enhancements helped me to improve it.  So be asured, SCM-Manager is and will always be Open Source.

So stay tuned! There are a lot of interesting things going on!

SCM-Manager 1.60 with support for Java 9 and 10

Version 1.60 of SCM-Manager is now available for download. Version 1.60 is the first version with support for Java 9 and 10.

Release notes
Getting started

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