Explore SCM-Manager Universe@Cloud

SCM-Manager has its own Universe. There it acts in the center of a bundle of ready to use open source software components.

Now the virtual appliance SCM-Manager Universe, which is developed by my partner TRIOLOGY, is available as a Cloud-Service. This highly scalable, most secure and deeply integrated Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) makes developing software even easier.

Try out this new service completely for free and without commitment!

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Repository Import Wizard

SCM-Manager 1.43 main feature is a new repository import wizard. This new wizard supports three import methods:

  1. Import repositories from the repository directory (.scm/repositories/type). This method is supported by git, mercurial and subversion.
  2. Import repositories from a remote url. This method is supported by git and mercurial.
  3. Import repositories from a bundle/dump (svndump). This method is supported by subversion.

Note: Click on the images above to see the wizard in action.

SCM-Manager and the POODLE vulnerability

If you are using scm-server with a configured https connector, please be sure that you exclude the SSLv3 protocol to avoid the POODLE vulnerability.

Add the following xml elements to your https connector in your server-config.xml:

The complete connector section should now be look like the following:

More informations on how to configure https with SCM-Manager can you find here:

New Release of SCM-Manager Universe

There is a new release of SCM-Manager Universe is available now: “Draco- 14.7″. The main aspect of the release is an improved security for operating the appliance openly in the internet. Now you will for example be asked to configure the system during the first boot sequence:

  • the geographical region and time zone
  • the keyboard configuration
  • and the initial users of the appliance

Besides that the configuration of servers like Tomcat webapplication server or the MySQL server was modified, and tools were updated.

In addition to those changes the conditions for the update service were changed. From now on you only need to register at www.scm-manager.com to enjoy the benefits of automatic updates for the appliance SCM-Manager Universe.

Download of SCM-Manager Universe 14.7 – Draco: https://www.scm-manager.com/scm-manager-https://www.scm-manager.com/scm-manager-universeuniverse

Release Notes: https://www.scm-manager.com/scm-manager-universe/release-notes/

Further information (Release): https://www.scm-manager.com/2014/07/draco-protector-of-the-universe/

Further information (Update service): https://www.scm-manager.com/2014/07/new-registration-option-update-service/