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New home for scm-manager packages

Before launching our 2.0.0 release we decided to optimize and modernize our infrastructure. One of the first notable changes is the new Nexus 3 instance replacing our old Nexus 2 instance on With this migration most paths have been changed. But fortunately we were able to create redirects for most cases. Only users […]

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SCM-Manager 2.0.0-rc8

Hey folks, It’s been a month since our last release and today you get our newest version with some new features. Unfortunately, it is another release candidate but we are optimistic that our final 2.0.0 release will be out soon. The biggest change of this release candidate is the new workflow engine, which allows you to […]

SCM-Manager 2.0.0-rc7

Hey there, another two weeks have passed (can you see the pattern?), and we proudly present release candidate 7 of SCM-Manager 2 to you. Besides a fix regarding repository write requests with anonymous access enabled and other small bugs, we have a new nice plugin for you: A new landing page. We call it mySCM. […]

Change in ownership

In Fall 2018 Cloudogu and I announced a cooperation for this project. Ever since then, a lot has changed in the background. We established a permanent SCM-Manager team at Cloudogu, which I am the leader of. That allowed us to pick up speed in the development of SCM-Manager and to take care of support cases […]

SCM-Manager 2.0.0-rc6

One of the core features of SCM-Manager is its extensibility with plugins. Installing, updating and removing plugins requires a restart of the SCM-Manager. And to be honest, we would not have thought this would be so hard. After trying to destroy the complete context of the server and learning a lot about class loader leaks, […]

Issue restart

Over the years, SCM-Manager received a lot of attention and a lot of people had questions. Some of them led to issues on BitBucket, which were migrated to GitHub not long ago. With the release of SCM-Manager 2 getting closer, we would like to get rid of old issues, because we would like to focus […]

SCM-Manager 2.0.0-rc5

Release 2 of SCM-Manager brings a lot of changes, some small, some big. Besides the most obvious change, the completely new user interface, there is the new  level 3 REST API, which took us a considerable amount of effort to create. The new REST API allows scripts and other applications to “navigate” from the top level […]

We migrated to GitHub

As mentioned here, we migrated the scm-manager core repository to GitHub: scm-manager/scm-manager. We decided to do so due to the removed mercurial support from Bitbucket. This is no statement whatsoever against Mercurial, we will continue to support Mercurial, Git and Subversion. We migrated the entire code base from Mercurial to Git The Bitbucket Wiki is now […]

SCM-Manager 2.0.0-rc4

For some time, the incompatability of SCM-Manager 2 with Java 9 or above has annoyed us. Now we can happily announce, that this is history. With the new version 2.0.0-rc4 SCM-Manager can run on Java 9 and above. A little error though has not made it into this release: If you are hosting mercurial repositories, […]

SCM-Manager 2.0.0-rc2

About six weeks ago we presented you the first release candidate of SCM-Manager 2. Now we finished the RC-2. Here are our favorite new features: Unification of source and commits become “code” We got feedback that the navigation points “Commits” and “Sources” on the right side led to confusion, because the branch context was lost on […]