New Release of SCM-Manager Universe

There is a new release of SCM-Manager Universe is available now: “Draco- 14.7″. The main aspect of the release is an improved security for operating the appliance openly in the internet. Now you will for example be asked to configure the system during the first boot sequence:

  • the geographical region and time zone
  • the keyboard configuration
  • and the initial users of the appliance

Besides that the configuration of servers like Tomcat webapplication server or the MySQL server was modified, and tools were updated.

In addition to those changes the conditions for the update service were changed. From now on you only need to register at to enjoy the benefits of automatic updates for the appliance SCM-Manager Universe.

Download of SCM-Manager Universe 14.7 – Draco:

Release Notes:

Further information (Release):

Further information (Update service):

Survey Software Development Teams

currently Mr. Robert Finke, student at the technical university of Clausthal, Germany, is conducting an online survey, in the context of his bachelor thesis, about the software using behavior of software development teams.

The survey is absolutely anonymous and should not last longer than 5 to 10 minutes.

Robert kindly asks you to participate in his survey.

Feel free to forward the link to your co-workers or friends.

Best regards

New Server

The following SCM-Manager pages has been moved to a new server:


This move was necessary to be prepared for the release 1.39 of SCM-Manager. Version 1.39 is the first release which will be delivered as RPM and DEB linux packages. To deliver those packages we will create a YUM repository and an APT repository on the new server.

One More Star in SCM-Manager Universe

The third release of SCM-Manager Universe is available now. It extends the appliance by a SingleSignOn (SSO) solution based on the tool “Central Authentication Service” (CAS). Thanks to this system you can use the connected tools without repeating login requests, because the tools are authenticating against CAS, which in turn validates users against your authentication server (e.g. LDAP or Active Directory). For example you log in to SCM-Manager, and after that you can use Jenkins, SonarQube and Bugzilla without providing your login credentials once again.


Release notes:

Further information:

SCM-Manager 1.36

Version 1.36 of SCM-Manager is now available for download.

Release notes
Getting started

Warning: Versions prior to 1.36 are creating incompatible subversion repositories, if the subversion option “with 1.7 Compatible” is enabled. Those repositories have to be converted before they could be used with version 1.36 or later. read more