SCM-Manager 1.36

Version 1.36 of SCM-Manager is now available for download.

Release notes
Getting started

Warning: Versions prior to 1.36 are creating incompatible subversion repositories, if the subversion option “with 1.7 Compatible” is enabled. Those repositories have to be converted before they could be used with version 1.36 or later. read more

SCM-Manager Universe Expands

The first update for SCM-Manager Universe is available now. It has its focus on improving code quality by integrating the widely known code quality management tool “SonarQube” and the scm-checkstyle-plugin into the appliance. Now the programmer automatically gets the build results in Jenkins and the code analysis results in SonarQube after he pushed changes to SCM-Manager. SonarQube is integrated into the SCM-Manager Universe infrastructure e.g. LDAP and backup. Besides that all reasonable updates of tools were performed. Find out more about it here.

SCM-Manager gets its own universe

The virtual appliance SCM-Manager Universe, developed by my partner TRIOLOGY, is a Linux based virtual machine, which comes with a bundle of ready to use open source software components. It has a comprehensive documentation, including tutorials, a sample project and tool descriptions. All of the software development tools authenticate against a central LDAP server with reasonable default users and groups configuration. The appliance has also a simple backup mechanism, which allows regular backups of all relevant files. Explore SCM-Manager Universe here.


The new scm-fork-plugin is now available over the scm-manager plugin center. The scm-fork-plugin allow users to fork repositories. The plugin requires 1.32 or newer of scm-manager and depends on the scm-userrepo-plugin.